Top Jobs According to LMHS Students

This article uses real feedback from Little Miami students to uncover the best jobs to work while attending school.


2/2/20233 min read


As teenagers continue through their adolescence and gain more independence and responsibilities, they typically find themselves in need of a way to make money. Whether this is because they want to save up for a car, college, or to be able to buy their own things. This need for money causes these teenagers to be in search of a job. However, deciding where to apply and what job to work at can be tricky. It is difficult to know where to start when looking for a job, but it is important to remember that there are numerous factors to consider when looking for one. These factors include the job’s pay rate, included benefits, work environment, company profile, reliable transportation and opportunity for advancement. With these factors in mind, a handful of students at Little Miami High School were asked to give feedback on their jobs. The data and responses have been merged here as a resource to make it easier for students to decide where they should work.


Described as an easygoing job location, Whipty-Do! is a great place to work for those who are searching for a “fun and uplifting environment” with lighter work. This is a more seasonal job since Whipty-Do! is only in operation starting from February and it closes near the end of November. Whipty-Do! employees receive an hourly wage of $10 and can get free ice cream. Although the pay is on the lower side for a high school job, there are opportunities to grow within the workplace and receive raises depending on how hardworking an employee is. Whipty-Do! employees rave about how much they love the “work environment and the people [they’ve] met” since working there. The bosses and management at this location have also been reported to contribute to the employees’ positive experience working at Whipty-Do! This job, however, requires “a lot to memorize and… [employees] to be upbeat even when [they’re] not feeling [their] all.” But to those interested in working at Whipty-Do! “applications are only accepted through January every year” so try getting an application filled out and sent in as soon as possible.

Whipty-Do! earns ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Yet another great workplace, “Target’s [work] environment is one of courtesy, integrity, and diligence.” Little Miami students working at Target thoroughly enjoy the $15 hourly wage, “the pay is very good for the job,” said one student. In addition, the “benefits include scholarships, a 10% Target discount, paid leave, vacation time off, etc.” These are all quite exceptional benefits for simply a high school job. According to LM students, "Target does an excellent job of treating their employees with respect and “accommodating to employee needs” when creating schedules. Albeit, the management has been said to be “a little strict,” but nonetheless, there are very few negative aspects for Target employees. Overall, Target appears to be a place that people enjoy working at because of the amazing employee treatment, higher pay and the significant benefits.

Target earns ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Kings Island

Kings Island, an extremely popular workplace for Little Miami students, is one of the biggest attractions in Ohio. Last year, during Kings Island’s 50th Anniversary season, the park had a comparably high starting rate for its employees. 15-year-olds were paid an hourly rate of around $15 an hour while those above 16 years of age were paid roughly $18 an hour. However, these numbers are likely to change coming into the 2023 season. Students who have worked at Kings Island are particularly big fans of the higher hourly wage and the included benefits of the job, “the pay was… very good and the benefits were excellent” remarked a student who worked at Kings Island this past season. Kings Island employees enjoy having “a free platinum pass, an employee discount and the chance to get free… passes for friends and family members” by working a certain number of hours. Even with these generous benefits and a higher pay rate, there are drawbacks to working at Kings Island. Some commonly mentioned complaints against the location involve unpleasant experiences with guests or the management at Kings Island. It is also important to note that Kings Island has an open layout, and many of the employees working in the park have to deal with uncomfortable heat during the summer. As one student put it, a job at Kings Island is perfect for those who are able “to take some things with a grain of salt, [who] love the outdoors and can make the best of any situation." Overall, Kings Island is an enjoyable workplace and many people have a positive experience working there.

Kings Island earns ⭐⭐⭐⭐


Even with all the information given here about these different jobs, there are plenty of other great local options. The ones included here are simply the most popular and had a great amount of feedback from Little Miami students. Just remember that when looking into a particular job, always consider your personal values, since this will help you choose the job that is right for you.

Note: A special thank you to all Little Miami students who submitted their responses, contributing to this article and helping to make it happen!