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Alternative Media

Find all of your Alternative Media sources here; including DMA's "The Panther Show", LMHS Comics, and soon "Woodhenge: A Little Miami Podcast".

DMA's "The Panther Show"

The Panther Show is a monthly, student-produced show created by the Digital Media Arts 2 class, a satellite program of the Warren County Career Center. The Panther Show covers a multitude of topics, such as interviews, competitions, student polls and other similar facets. On the Little Miami Tribune, you can find every single episode of the Panther Show since its creation! Sit back, relax and enjoy.

LM Tribune's "Crosswords"

Designed by our crossword creators Lance Pancyzk and Victor Willard, crosswords include fun facts about Little Miami Staff. Do you know your teachers well enough to finish the puzzle?

Little Miami Tribune


"Woodhenge: A Little Miami Podcast"

The Little Miami podcast, Woodhenge, focuses on uncovering the different aspects of Little Miami high school and getting the word out that our school if filled with incredible people with interesting stories! From band members to enthusiastic staff, the Woodhenge podcast serves to communicate to the school and community about who we are as a school. So, sit back and listen to the Woodhenge podcast.