Time Management

This article teaches students how to properly manage their time.


1/6/20232 min read


Each day seems to stretch on at times, but as soon as you need that time, it disappears in a flash. Therefore, you need to be able to manage your time. Remember that we are all different, so only some methods I list in this article are guaranteed to work for you.

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead involves a few different things to consider. Those that have had health in the past will find the first part familiar. Use a planner! It can take many forms, be it paper or digital. On it, you can keep track of all your assignments, and the time you will have to work on them. As you record your different assignments, make sure to put the due date with it as well.


Some assignments will need to be done sooner than others. Maybe they're due soon or are difficult. Things like that are what you need to consider as you make your plan and set your priorities regarding what assignments you will complete first.


Procrastination is a titanic struggle for a lot of people. Something I struggle with as well. One way to combat this is to maintain accountability. I’m sure you probably have a phone near you right now. You could text your friends and ask them to text you to ensure you are doing your work. Or, even better, put away the distraction and ask someone around you, perhaps a family member, to keep you accountable about your work as well.

Set Up Routines

A good way to get yourself doing work is to set up a routine of doing your homework. Sometimes that can mean breaking old routines. Maybe you had one spot where you would work on homework but instead would often get distracted. You can move to a different location, and set up the routines for doing your work there. I used to work in my bedroom, but I would so often get distracted, that I changed my routine and started working at my kitchen table to get way more work done. Another thing to help with creating the routine is to do that routine at the same time every day. You could also listen to certain music when it’s study time. The second part depends on your own habits and it should be something to reward yourself with, only during this time. You should make sure that this isn’t anything distracting though, otherwise, you are ruining the point of the routine. The final thing with to do with your routine is to get rid of all the distractions around you and focus. When possible, don’t bounce around between assignments, as that messes up your focus.


Time management is a vital skill all throughout life. If you can learn what works for you, and build the right habits, you will be way more productive with your time. By doing less boring things, you now have more time that you can use for whatever you want. Don’t be afraid to try other methods to improve your productivity as well. If it doesn’t work, then you just know to not do it again.